Why do we need to talk about home care assistance? It is important because not everyone is aware of the value it gives, particularly to the elderly and the family caregiver. We know it’s not easy to look after a parent who is chronically frail.

You need a good break, and a time for yourself too. That’s why home care assistance is created to help family caregivers like you.

Right now, you are one of the 70 million family caregivers who is looking for home care assistance, and that demand is growing. Doctors believe that home care is therapeutic for the elderly. It gives them a sense of comfort, independence, and a better life.

Understanding Home Care Assistance

What Is Home Care Assistance?

Home care assistance is caregiving assistance. It is a service rendered to the elderly who prefers to stay at the comforts of their homes. And, at the same time, they are given the quality care they need.

Home care should value the interest of the elderly. Though they are frail and needs warrant attention, they also need their independence. Moreover, home care assistance is giving quality life to the patient. They need the companion, and that’s what we give to them.

Types of Home Care Assistance

There are two types of home care assistance – the non-medical home care and the medical home care assistance. Only trained caregivers are allowed to give non-medical home care assistance. They are responsible for the daily activities of their patients.

Medical home care assistance is practiced by a licensed professional only. They are responsible for the medical treatment of the patient, especially if the patient is wounded or needs injections.

Why Is Home Care Better Than Assisted Living Facilities?

Home care assistance has a personal approach. The relationship that bonds the caregiver and the patient creates a safer feeling for the patient and the family. The patient has the freedom to do whatever she/he wants while in the comfort of her/his house.

Home care and assisted living facility (ALF) are two different methods. ALF is institutionalized and home care is personalized. Some elderly are forced to stay in this facility, that’s why they are aloof to other patients. They felt lonely and imprisoned. And, this could lead to the deterioration of their health. Being with other patients is stressful for them.

On top of that, home care assistance is less expensive than assisted living facilities.

The Importance of Home Care Assistance To Elderly

10 Benefits of Home Care Assistance

  • Home care keeps families united.
  • Home care assistance is delivered at home.
  • Home care gives the elderly their independence and freedom.
  • Home care promotes better health to the patient.
  • Home care is safe.
  • Home care is protecting the elderly from institutionalized nursing care.
  • Home care promotes personalized medical attention.
  • Home care promotes stress-free assistance.
  • Home care improves the quality of life.
  • Home care is less expensive than the assisted living facility.

Home care assistance is a great extension of life for the elderly. They need this care, hence, we give it to them. Partners for home is eager to give home care assistance to families who are having a hard time looking after their parents but still want to give them the quality of life they deserve.