In-Home Nursing Services in Winnipeg

We Meet Your Medical Care Needs

Our nursing services in Winnipeg are here to meet your loved one’s care needs. We offer compassionate and tailored home care based on the specific needs of your situation. Our team will meet with you and your loved ones in your home for a no-cost, no-commitment assessment where we will provide guidance on some of the provincial programs that may be available to you. As part this assessment, we will also collaboratively build a customized home care plan detailing the type of home care and services that will best serve you and your loved one. Partners for Home Care leverages psychometric and psychographic tools that highlights an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, communication style, approach to problems and collaborative value. We understand the value of finding the best possible match between client and home care assistant and at Partners, we don’t leave that to chance. We use these systems to help provide the highest possible partnership for our client and home care assistant. From there, we will facilitate, at no-cost, a casual meet and greet where both you and the home care assistant have an opportunity to assess the likelihood of the correct fit. Call us today to confirm your assessment.

Seeking Nursing Services in Winnipeg

Live-In Support For Peace of Mind

By choosing our nursing services in Winnipeg, you will receive highly customized and complete care. Our staff are available to work 24/7 to provide care for our clients in their home, so that there is no compromise between comfort and appropriate care. This can be a great benefit to the health of our clients, but it also provides some much-needed support and peace of mind for their family members, knowing that we are readily available in case of emergencies. Through our live-in nursing support, we ensure that our client’s quality of life isn’t compromised and they have the compassionate care they require.

Trustworthy & Caring Nurses

We selectively recruit the highest quality nurses and home care assistants and provide higher-than-industry compensation along with progressive training. This enables us to provide the highest standard of care for our clients while also ensuring that our nurses are capable of handling various challenges and emerging situations. The result is an exceptional level of care that not only provides all the necessary technical care, but also helps us go above and beyond for our clients through a compassionate, caring and understanding approach. We work with authorized family members to ensure they are kept up-to-date about their loved one’s condition and we regular report any changes.

Avoid More Frequent Hospital Visits

One common challenge of our nursing care clients is the travel involved between the various healthcare facilities needed to provide a comprehensive medical approach. Our nursing services in Winnipeg help alleviate this burden by providing in-home care that can address a majority of these trips without compromising the standard of care. As a result, our clients get to enjoy more time in a comfortable environment, with a dedicated approach to their well-being and more time to do what they love. This helps reduce the stress and worry involved for our clients and their family. No matter what your unique needs are, whether we are assisting with palliative or dementia care or, perhaps, movement disorder care, our balanced and effective approach means that our clients can avoid the distressing and frequent hospital visits they may require.