Dementia Care in Winnipeg

We Meet Your Ever-Changing Needs

Partners for Home Care provides dementia care in Winnipeg that respects the ability of individuals and offers supportive care services. We tailor our senior care to the individual’s needs and the needs of their family. We have experience providing customized care spanning many types of Dementia including, Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease Dementia, Lewy Body Dementia, Vascular Dementia, Frontotemporal Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Whether it is managing behavioural changes, providing friendly visiting or assisting in daily activities, our compassionate and supportive care is designed to provide the highest quality of life. Let our family-oriented services assist you and your family today. Our team will meet with you and your loved ones in your home for a no-cost, no-commitment assessment where we will provide guidance on the provincial programs that may be available to you. As part this assessment, we will also collaboratively build a customized home care plan detailing the type of home care and services that will best serve you and your loved one. Partners for Home Care leverages psychometric and psychographic tools that highlights an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, communication style, approach to problems and collaborative value. We understand the value of finding the best possible match between client and home care assistant and at Partners, we don’t leave that to chance. We use these systems to help provide the highest possible partnership for our client and home care assistant. From there, we will facilitate, at no-cost, a casual meet and greet where both you and the home care assistant have an opportunity to assess the likelihood of the correct fit. Call us today to confirm your assessment.

Seeking Dementia Care in Winnipeg

Consistent Care From Trained Professionals

When it comes to Alzheimer’s care in Winnipeg, consistent and effective support from trained caregivers is essential. Our experience in providing any home care, be it Dementia Care, movement disorder care, palliative care or other requirements assist not only the individual but also their family and support network. By working closely with everyone involved, we help advocate for the needs of our clients, develop highly customized care plans and solutions (delete that everyone can accommodate) and relieve the stress and tension that can build up when caring for someone either full-time or part-time. Our team consists of patient and caring individuals with the training and personal experience necessary to facilitate the best care for our clients, and we pride ourselves on offering care that respects the needs of the individual.

Supportive Memory Care Programs

Partners for Home Care’s approach towards Alzheimer’s and other Dementia care is built around the foundation of a relationship-based approach and focuses on the needs of people with dementia through a person-centered approach. Our caregivers are trained in the PC P.E.A.R.L.S method and receive continuous education. We will help establish and maintain daily routines and our team has built a reputation for being very patient. Our care plans are designed to involve the person with dementia as much as possible and is focused on allowing the person with dementia to do as much as possible with the least amount of assistance. Our staff are trained to provide simple instructions, to create an environment that reduces distractions and we place a high emphasis on being flexible in our care with dementia clients. Our caregivers adapt routines as needed, while helping to create a safe environment in the client’s home. At Partners for Home Care, we understand that every person with Alzheimer’s disease or any form of dementia will experience symptoms differently and experience a unique course of progression. Therefore, our care plans are centered around individualized care.

Peace Of Mind For Everyone

The main focus of our Winnipeg Alzheimer’s care will receive highly customized and complete care. Our staff are available to work 24/7 to provide care for our clients in their home, so that there is no compromise between comfort and appropriate care. Partners for Home Care was founded after we experienced the struggles of caring for our father, and we are dedicated to making home care a peaceful, enjoyable experience for every family we assist. Not only does this help reduce the burden of care for the family, but it also allows our clients to experience the time they spend with their loved ones more fully. The peace of mind that comes with having full or part-time professional home care may help put things into perspective and foster an opportunity for the best parts of a relationship to flourish and thrive despite these challenging and often changing circumstances.