Palliative Care in Winnipeg

We Meet Your End of Life Needs

Partners for Home Care provides palliative care in Winnipeg that respects the end-of-life process of all our clients. From hands on, 24-7 full-time care to companion care or just providing respite for the family, our main goal is to facilitate a comfortable and peaceful transition. Spanning in-house nursing to dementia care and advanced movement disorder care, we are experienced in all forms of home care. Partners for Home Care always builds a truly customized home care plan that is unique to each clients needs. Our team will meet with you and your loved ones in your home for a no-cost, no-commitment assessment where we will provide guidance on the provincial programs that may be available to you. As part this assessment, we will also collaboratively build a customized home care plan detailing the type of home care and services that will best serve you and your loved one. Partners for Home Care leverages psychometric and psychographic tools that highlights an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, communication style, approach to problems and collaborative value. We understand the value of finding the best possible match between client and home care assistant and at Partners, we don’t leave that to chance. We use these systems to help provide the highest possible partnership for our client and home care assistant. From there, we will facilitate, at no-cost, a casual meet and greet where both you and the home care assistant have an opportunity to assess the likelihood of the correct fit. Call us today to confirm your assessment.

Seeking Palliative Care in Winnipeg

Support for Patients & Family Members

Our palliative care in Winnipeg helps provide the necessary support for our clients and their family members. Our in-home care facilitates the everyday needs of our clients, like bathing, dressing or nursing needs, and also provides much needed respite for family members and loved ones. This dual-purpose provides our clients with the support they need to have a comfortable and peaceful transition while also reducing the stress and discomfort that their family members are experiencing. An additional benefit of our compassionate care is the extra time it allows for quality interactions and quiet reflection for those involved during this difficult time.

Quality Care From Compassionate Caregivers

At Partners for Home Care, we selectively recruit the highest quality home care assistants and provide higher-than-industry compensation along with progressive training. Our focus is to provide the highest possible technical care, but with compassion. Family members can feel confident we are providing the same high standard of loving care they would give to their loved ones. 

Peace Of Mind For Everyone

With our palliative care in Winnipeg, we provide substantial value in relieving the stress and discomfort of our clients and their family members. Our home care services ensure that the necessities of daily life are taken care of, so that you and your family can have peace of mind instead of stress. By helping to manage the stresses that come with everyday life, like attending appointments and ensuring medications are taken on time, we allow you the time and energy you need to focus on what matters most, like the comfort and support of their home.