Life can throw you a million unexpected curve balls. Whether you are born with a disability, or become disabled due to an incident or illness, there are many things that become much harder if you lose the ability to function completely and without assistance.

From mental to physical, many disabilities disrupt the ability to go about your every day life, and you might find your life lacking its usual activities if you are proclaimed disabled. You might also have to miss out on the things you would otherwise love to do.

There are many things that become impossible when one is disabled. Many physical disabilities restrict movement and the ability to explore and interact with the world, possibly confining the disabled individual to a bed or wheelchair for extended periods of time.

With mental disabilities, individuals might not be able to interact with others properly, or may find even leaving the house an immense struggle. Regardless of which type of disability one has, many disabled people might very well find it impossible to carry out day-to-day tasks, not to mention a job. This is where disability legislation can come in and help immensely.

Disability Legislation In Winnipeg

Disability Legislation In Winnipeg

While life and getting a job may be the hardest parts of your life as an individual with a disability, another hard part is accessibility to buildings and locations. Especially if you find yourself unable to move as you did before your disability, whether you have to use a cane, or a walker or even a full on wheelchair, buildings can be hard to navigate alone.

While you probably have a system set up in your house to help you navigate, you will most likely need help out in public, which can be hard to find, especially in older buildings or businesses.

With The Accessibility for Manitobans Act that was put into place in 2013, disabled people all around Manitoba can rejoice, knowing that their needs are going to start being met around the province. Now buildings and other public spaces are required to meet certain accessibility standards, in order to comply with the Act.

This means that places that weren’t available before are now easy to access and free for you to explore to your heart’s content, as even public transport must now be up to standard.

Aside from just helping with physical accessibility, the act promises to help make strides to allow more people to have access to information regarding disabilities, make customer service professionals trained and aware of how to better serve you with your disability, and require that jobs no longer have the ability to deny employment based solely on your disability.

This is great strides to help those with disabilities better themselves and their lives.

For More Questions Regarding Disability Legislation in Winnipeg, Contact Us

For More Questions Regarding Disability Legislation in Winnipeg, Contact Us

So, if you are an individual with a disability, rest assured that, in Winnipeg, or even all of Manitoba, you are taken care of and looked after with this Act.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information and to learn how you can benefit.