In conjunction with following your doctor’s discharge plan for physical therapy and exercise, it is vital that you make some changes to your house.

Preparing your house with the same care that is shown to your physical recovery is going to set you up for success. Partners for Home, your Winnipeg home health care service recommends beginning with the following measures.

Remove all Tripping Hazards

Slips and falls are typical reasons for hip replacement operations in the first place. In order to steer away from a hospital readmission with an injury to the other hip, or damaging your replacement, it’s suggested to remove all floor mats, throw rugs, etc. from the home.

You will be shuffling your feet for quite some time. As a consequence, it’s possible to trip on throw rugs, which includes the ones used in the kitchen or bathroom. If you prefer to keep your rug where it is, it’s advised to fasten them with carpet tape to keep their edges down. Your best bet involves removing the tripping hazard in order to eliminate any concerns about falling.

Upgrade your Bathroom

Putting in a comfort height or handicap toilet is a better choice than a temporary elevated toilet apparatus. Not just will the temporary appliances become easily dirty it also is suggested to use a permanent comfort height toilet after a complete joint replacement. Doing so will improve your quality of life, in conjunction with your new joint.

You also should use a shower chair. Be certain to have a sturdy chair that’s firm and higher than average. You’ll find it easier to get up from. To easily get out of and into the shower, you also may want to think about installing a grab bar in your bathroom.

Raise them up

Elevating your legs helps get the swelling down. Swelling may restrict your capability of getting your life back to normal. Using large wedges or pillows to elevate the legs is recommended. That includes having a pillow to place between the legs when sleeping. A nice, big body pillow offers comfort and assists in promoting soundful sleep.

Collect the Proper Tools

Over a period of time, you easily may perform several daily activities again. However, in the first weeks and days at home, some of life’s minor tasks such as feeling steady when getting something from a cabinet or getting dressed may be challenging.  Have a few convenient gadgets to make those tasks as safe and stress-free as possible.

Handy grabbers and sock donners which extend your reach are definite musts. Additional helping hands involve bendable bath sponges, leg lifters, and long-handled shoe horn. Most companies sell those products together as a “hip kit” package.

Raise the Seat

If it’s possible to afford it, ask your physician for a prescription for a lift chair. Your arms, hips, and knees will appreciate it, and your other bad hip will also appreciate it! Even though insurance does not cover the expense of the chair, having a prescription will avoid the necessity of paying sales tax in some localities.