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Life is a progression of change and resistance to change. We want to change in areas where we feel it could promote growth, agency and well-being; we resist changes that we believe will strip us of these things. Resistance is our natural defense system against the things that we think will harm us; unfortunately, we will sometimes resist change that will lead us to growth, simply because it is uncomfortable or unusual. When dealing with loss – loss of physical or mental ability, in particular – it can be comforting to resist other changes, to preserve what we have. When activities of daily living, like washing yourself or eating, have become difficult, you may need a change. This article is for two groups of people; those who are having difficulty with these activities, and those who love them.

When You’ve Experienced Mental and Physical Loss

You want agency, you want freedom, you want the ability to do what you always could. Everyone wants this – you’re not alone. When it comes to getting care, it can feel like you’re being stripped of your ability to make decision, but when it’s done properly, nothing could be further from the case. You’re actually increasing your agency, your control, because you won’t be as stressed about what you can’t do – someone will help you with the mundane, so you can keep living the life you want. We offer personalized home health care in Winnipeg, so you don’t need to leave your home to get help with what you need. Personalization the key here; we’ll help you with exactly what you need, not more, and not less. You keep control over your life, and you gain even more control back, because we can help you with the hard things. We value the relationships we build with our clients deeply, and that’s what we want to build with you; a relationship in which you are an equal partner.

When Your Loved One Needs Care

The reality is, many people are resistant to care because they feel it strips them of their ability to make decisions for themselves. In-home care can be an incredibly practical solution for these people, who won’t have to move to a care home where life can feel a bit too regimented. At home care means you can visit them when you want, they’re still surrounded by neighbors and loved ones who care for them – it leverages existing social and physical infrastructure to give your loved one back a sense of control over their lives. Through self and family managed home care, our services can be subsidized by the Government of Manitoba in many cases.

We’ve talked about locus of control before on this blog, and it’s really all anyone wants. The ability to consider decisions and, having a good idea of the consequences, the ability to choose one out of a myriad of possible options. Home care is an option that gives a lot of freedom and control back to those who use it; we help with what’s hard so you can concentrate on what’s important – love, freedom, life.