If the fountain of youth existed, you’d likely benefit more by running to the fountain than drinking from it. Remaining active is critical to prevent the rapid acceleration of aging in the body.

Here, Partners for Home, your highly specialized home care professionals list a few sustainable methods of helping you to keep moving on a steady basis and assist in turning back time:

Dedicate yourself to a good amount each day

It’s possible to start gradually and build up your distance each day. It’ll help your joints, as well as circulation of the body.

Learn to like Water Walking and Water Aerobics

Body movement under water may be a great method of increasing your low-impact activity. It’s also a safer place to exercise since it’s almost impossible to fall when walking inside the pool.

Take up Boxing to Manage Midlife Weight and Increase Upper Body Strength

Boxing is the kind of high-intensity interval training that’s ideal for women wanting to maintain their upper body strength and weight.

Protect Bones and Maintain Muscle Using Strength Training

At midlife, muscles get more meaningful; building them becomes more critical. Below we list a workout to do:


On the floor, start on your knees and hands. Hold the body in a push-up stance with the back straight. If you have to make it a bit easier, it’s possible to also rest your knees on the floor. It’s also possible to change this up by holding the body up with the forearms pressed against the floor.


Begin on the hands and knees. Lie with the chest touching the flooring and push the upper body off of the ground with your arms and hands to aid in lifting the upper body. It’s possible, at first, to begin with the knees on the ground. As you grow stronger, keep your knees off the ground.

Hip Bridges

Begin seated on the floor. Lie with soles and back of your feet touching the floor, knees bent. Gradually lift hips off of the ground and draw in the navel until the upper legs and back are within a straight line.


Start by sitting in your chair. Raise the body to stand from your chair without the use of your arms or hands for help. Repeat this step.


Begin in a standing position. Take a step forward and drop the body downward until the knee is bent at a 90° angle. Return to a stand with the feet together then repeat using the opposite leg.

Get on the Golf Course

Golf blends a bit of flexibility and strength, leg strength, as well as meditative quiet of nature that relaxes the mind.


Dancing involves one of the most exciting ways to remain active. It might assist with maintaining the capability of performing daily tasks. Besides strength, balance, and endurance dancers need adaptability, cognitive ability, as well as concentration to move along with the music and partner, artistry for fluid and graceful motion, and memory for choreography.