We’re oftentimes reminded to exercise our bodies yet neglect to exercise our brains. As folks grow older they usually become less active mentally and physically. It’s vital to encourage the elderly to engage in tasks which challenge their brains because engaging their brain oftentimes results in emotional and physical rejuvenation. Elderly individuals constantly struggle with depression, as well as a sense of loneliness because of a stagnant routine. In routinely interacting in the proper activities, they may boost memory function, decrease boredom and increase creativity. Below are a few tips on how to keep your family member’s mind active on the go or at home.

Read A Book

Reading assists you in exercising your cognitive skills and increasing your vocabulary. Read regularly and you will be surprised at the information absorbed. Reading also is an excellent method of passing the time. It’s also possible to join a book club; it’s an excellent method of meeting people and socializing reduces a senior person’s feelings of loneliness and boredom.

Take A Class

Sign up for a continuing education class at the community college in your area or sign up for martial arts training. Colleges provide classes which can be interesting to older individuals, including a class on basic computer skills. Your family member will be challenging her or himself to absorb new information, concepts, and ideas, and will hone her/his retention skills via memorization. If the elderly person in your life is no longer at ease with driving, Partners for Home may offer a caregiver to accompany your family member.

Play Golf

If your family member has the ability to do so, golf is fantastic for senior people because it contains brain power, socialization, and physical exercise. Players receive mental stimulation utilizing their decision-making skills as they prepare stroke strategies. As golf includes the control of repetitive movements, it’ll instill body-mind discipline.

Do Yoga

It’s an excellent exercise program for elderly individuals because poses may be adjusted to people of every level. Yoga will force you to concentrate on your breathing and controlling all of your muscles. Beyond the physical demands which give the whole body a workout, yoga has wonderful relaxation and calming qualities.

Play A Game

Board games, cards, checkers, chess, any type will do the trick. Games require elderly people to use brain for recall, memory, logic and math. Strategic planning boosts mental clarity and focusing on the immediate assists in keeping the mind sharp. Also, playing games gives elderly people an opportunity to build friendships and socialize based upon common interests. If your family member could really use a companion, our home care agency can help.

Do A Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles may be found in the majority of newspapers and are a fabulous task to do with your family member. It’s possible to improve your creative thinking skills and vocabulary and spend quality time with a mature individual and aid them in exercising their brain.

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