The Best Home Care for Seniors near You

As people age, it becomes inevitable for family members to start considering what the best option will be for them long-term. Some might believe that an assisted living facility or nursing home can better suit their needs. Others will be firm advocates for home-based care that allows their loved one to remain comfortable and secure in their own house. While every situation is truly unique, we believe that home is the best choice for your loved one whenever possible. Why do we take that stance?

First and foremost, home is meant to be a place of safety and comfort. People tend to be far more comfortable navigating in their own home full of familiar surroundings than they do in the sterilized settings found in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It subtracts the physical and emotional stress of selling the home that can be extremely detrimental to your loved one. Experiencing that kind of loss can be a heartbreaking milestone in a person’s life.

It allows them to have the most autonomy that they can have. While they might still require the help of caregivers to get them out of the house or to perform activities of daily living, there is a degree of freedom not found in facilities. It is ultimately the best place because it allows your loved one to have autonomy, privacy, and the flexibility they need to live their life well.

Privacy should be considered a big deal when it comes to home care. This is particularly true when your loved one may need help with sensitive activities of daily living like showering and toileting. With in-home care, they will always know just who is available to help them and when they are going to show up. The same is not always true in a facility. They have a right to their preferences for routine and structure, even when it comes to these sensitive activities. The value of maintaining privacy and preferences cannot be understated.

Is aging in place safe?

Many people wonder whether allowing their loved one to age in place is truly safe. After all, they become a much greater fall risk as they age. However, making minor modifications to the home is relatively simple compared to moving them to an entirely new facility. For example, you may have to add bars to the shower, upgrade the kitchen, and minimize the number of steps within the home. With these additions and the help of an in-home caregiver who comes as often as necessary, it is more than safe to allow your loved one to age in place.

If you want to try allowing your loved one to remain home, you really need personalized home health care. At Partners for Home, we can offer customized services that meet your family member’s needs without sacrificing their dignity or privacy. Give us a call today to see how we can help this to become a reality for your family!