At all stages of our lives, it can be handy to have a variety of different things on hand. For the business person on the go, a cell phone and personal organizer are a must; for a stay-at-home parent of toddlers, it’s a good idea to have a fun toy and a cloth nearby at all times. As we age, there can be a variety of physical impairments that change our day to day operations; as such, there’s a number of items that can be handy in order to make daily living just a little bit easier.

When you have a visual impairment, it’s best to have things look big. There’s a number of devices you might use daily that can be upgraded with bigger interfaces. There are alarm clocks available that have incredibly large displays, so you won’t need to put on your glasses when you check the time getting out of bed in the morning. Equally, there are landline phones with large buttons to make dialing much easier. There are also cell phones with large display screens; icons can be magnified to make access easy. Landlines are especially important for seniors; when an emergency happens, it’s best to have one on each floor of the home, because a cellphone without a charge is as good as a paperweight.

On the note of emergencies, a personal medical alert device can be extraordinarily useful in the worst of cases. These devices can have motion sensors, impact detection and GPS tracking, so if an emergency happens, responders will know exactly where you are right away.

Physical impairments can be mitigated through the use of a variety of devices. There are long grabbing poles available to help you reach high up, low down, or far away; incredibly handy when you have back or mobility problems. Smart vacuums can make cleaning a breeze when it’s impossible to handle a heavy vacuum; it’s still incredible to me that we live in a world with actual cleaning robots. There are also devices you can have installed in your home, especially around the bathroom, that will help with mobility; grab bars and no-slip bath mats are an absolute must.

There are a number of other miscellaneous items that can make a senior’s life a bit easier. A pill tracker is always handy to make taking medications a breeze. If you’re in your house a lot, a pair of no-slip slippers and a comfortable bathrobe are a wonderful idea; I’ll be honest, that’s a good one for non-seniors too. Live comfortably!

All of these items and more can help you live your best life; even with all of this, though, sometimes even daily activities can grow too difficult to complete on your own. When this happens, don’t worry; recognized home care services are available to take some of the burden off of your shoulders. They’re fully customizable, from round the clock care to help with chores and groceries, so never hesitate to look into home care if you need a hand.