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As your parents get older, you may find that they need a lot more care than they used to. Perhaps they need help getting to the grocery store or managing their medications. They might even need more extensive help with their daily living skills that used to be second nature for them. When you live far away, some children feel guilty for not being able to personally help their parents maintain independence at home.

A large percentage of Canada’s caregiver population is actually children caring for their aging parents. However, not everyone lives in the same city as their parents. What can you do to help care for your aging parents when you live in different cities?

Find nearby relatives and friends

One of the easiest ways to alleviate your concern for an aging parent is to find relatives and friends who can check on them regularly. These people might be neighbors, members of the same social clubs, or nieces and nephews who are close enough to pop by once a week. As an added bonus, these people might be able to take your parents out of the house a few times each week to help relieve boredom and isolation that can come with aging. Social interaction of any kind is a major need for aging parents.

Evaluate their needs

You may find that your parents don’t have nearly as many needs as you believed they do. The first thing you need to do is evaluate what they actually need help with. Many are capable of doing things for themselves and only require help with certain activities. Have an honest conversation with your parents about what they can manage on their own and what they can’t. This will show you what type of support they truly need.

Research local support or resources

Work with a home healthcare agency to identify local support and resources for them. Some of these agencies may help with social support while others can assist with cooking meals. Take advantage of programs that are designed to assist senior citizens, particularly when you are unable to do these things on your own.

Consider moving your parents

Staying at home is ideal for most aging adults. They can often stay home longer than ever before because home health care agencies can help in areas where they have additional needs that aren’t currently being met. However, you may sometimes need to move your parents to a senior living community where they would have more resources and support while still maintaining their independence. This could be a way to give you more peace of mind while still allowing them some freedom.

Taking care of your parents from a distance can fill you with worry about their welfare and current level of care. With the help of highly specialized home care professionals, you don’t have to worry nearly as often about how they are doing. Partners for Home makes it our job to take excellent care of your parents in your absence. Be sure to give us a call today to see how we can help your family!