When chronic illness and challenging medical conditions affect you or a family member, they’ll affect the entire family. Partners for Home is here to aid your loved ones when you require more specialized care. Our skilled nurses and home health aides may offer the next level of care, and work as a liaison between your physicians and the medical support team, as well as hone in on the unique needs of you or a family member.

Alzheimer’s Disease

It’s a progressive disease; which means symptoms of memory loss, disorientation, and confusion worsen over a period of time. But, most of our elderly family members may find methods of coping with this disease and still resume their day-to-day life regimen with the care and guidance of an experienced home health aide. At Partners for Home, a Registered Nurse develops an individualized Plan of Care that’s reinforced by a home health aide that cares for the ones suffering with Alzheimer’s. Our home health aides go through specialized training which allows them to know the effects of Alzheimer’s and help to reduce risks related to the disease.


A diagnosis of cancer may be a life changer; but it does not have to be experienced alone. Our home care experts may be at your side to manage all day-to-day realities of cancer. At Partners for Home, a Registered Nurse develops an individualized Plan of Care that’s reinforced by a home health aide who cares for the ones living with cancer. An expert caregiver then is fit to match the unique needs of your family member to relieve their stress and make sure they are comfortable.


Uncontrolled diabetes may lead to kidney disease, nerve damage, and blindness, just to name a couple of complications. Properly managing diabetes may lead to change in the day-to-day regimen. With the proper home care, you or your family member may manage this; free of stress.

Heart Disease

Heart Disease will affect one in four people. Symptoms of heart disease may range from irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath to heart failure and swelling of the limbs. Managing heart disease may prevent minor symptoms from turning into deadly complications.

Multiple Sclerosis

M.S. (Multiple sclerosis) is a disease affecting your central nervous system. The care level for each individual affected by M.S. varies for each person. Our home care staff works to develop a regimen which best fits you and your M.S. symptoms.

Parkinson’s Disease

This disease may slowly progress and go unnoticed for quite some time. Parkinson’s disease may begin as a tremor in your hands and limbs, and ultimately develop into a slowing or full loss of movement. Managing and monitoring Parkinson’s Disease may ensure maintenance of daily routine and quality of life.


A stroke may influence day-to-day tasks with its negative effects on movement, speech, vision, and verbal skills. These impairments may cause stress and frustration. But, our home care experts may coordinate with a physical therapist or doctor to relieve this frustration.

For more information on illnesses that might require home care contact the trustful home care services of Partners for Home today!