Our team understands that it can be difficult to find information about some of Manitoba’s Home Care programs online. We hope that you will find this section of our website informative and a valuable resource to assist you with your and your family’s information needs. Please come back and check this section often, as we constantly provide updates that we hope are helpful. Feel free to provide feedback or request specific topics by contacting us at: [email protected] or 204-295-7174.

The Self/Family Managed Care (SFMC) program is a unique program offered in Manitoba by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Ultimately it allows you or your family to accept responsibility for managing your Home Care needs independently and enables you the flexibility to work with a private agency (such as Partners for Home) to provide an end-to-end customized Winnipeg Home Care solution that is tailored to your needs.

To be eligible for Home Care/SFMC Individuals must:

  • be a Manitoba resident
  • registered with Manitoba Health
  • require health services or assistance with the activities of daily living
  • require service to remain safely in their homes
  • require more assistance than is available from existing supports and community resources.

How Do I Apply For Self and Family Managed Care (SFMC)?

  • To apply for the SFMC Program you or your family member need to be a client of the WHRA Home Care Program and be eligible to receive Home Care attendant/homemaker services. If you or your family member is already receiving services from the WRHA Home Care Program, contact your Home Care Case Coordinator to discuss your interest in SFMC and whether SFMC is an appropriate resource for you or your family member.
  • If you or your family member is not a client of WRHA Home Care and would like to determine eligibility for WRHA Home Care services including SFMC; please call the WRHA Home Care Intake Line at 204-788-8330.

For more information about SFMC services please visit: http://www.wrha.mb.ca/community/homecare/self-and-family-managed-care.php

Please feel free to contact any of our highly trained and friendly staff at Partners for Home to answer any questions you may have about the Self / Family Managed Care program at [email protected] or 204-295-7174.