St. Norbert

St. Norbert’s illustrious history has allowed it to evolve over the years to be the amazing city it is today. Many of its roots can be traced directly back to the history of trade, where settlers would transport goods from the more northern areas to the southern Hudson Bay Company. However, it wasn’t long until settlers saw what an advantageous area St. Norbert was and decided to stay for good.

Today, this area is home to a number of attractions that keep residents delighted year-round. You can still revel in the history at the Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Secours, the chapel built in the mid-1800s by Father Ritchot. You may even choose to visit the former Trappist monastery guesthouse, now recognized at the St. Norbert Arts Centre.

If the history of St. Norbert doesn’t appeal to you, there is still so much this area offers.  The area is still well-known for its beauty and its local farmer’s market. This is an opportunity to connect with local farmers and producers to purchase goods directly from the surrounding areas. Find a bite to eat and enjoy the scenery of the city.

The community involvement in St. Norbert is a huge part of the reason so many people choose to call it home. Thousands of individuals have settled in this area for good reason. At Partners for Home, we can easily see how important it is to our clients to remain a vital part of the St. Norbert community by staying at home whenever possible.

Partners for Home is a leading home care services company focused on enabling Manitoban’s the remain safely in their homes and united with their families. We are trusted by our clients to provide the highest level of care while enabling them to achieve an independent and empowered life. Our team is highly trained to assist Clients no matter what your individual needs are. Whether you are affected by a form of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia or Lewy body dementia, a motor neuron disease such as ALS, a disease of the central nervous system such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis, or if you are recovering from a medical procedure or just need some additional assistance or respite we can help. The services we offer can range from a few hours a week to full, 24×7 live in support.

Our family created Partners for Home, after our father was diagnosed with ALS in 2007. Since this time, we have become experts in helping families understand and navigate through the options here in Manitoba for the highest possible Home Care experience.

Because of our how company works with the WRHA’s Self / Family Managed Home Care program, not only was our father able to remain in his home, but he continues to feel safe and remain a family contributor while maintaining his dignity. None of this would have been possible without this program. SFMC allows Manitoban’s through a private Agency to build a truly customized level of service specific to their individual needs. For our family, this meant our father could be helped out of bed at the time he wanted to be moved instead of waiting sometimes for hours for someone to arrive. Rather than having to deal with new people coming to our house almost every day, he could rely on the same Care Giver. This resulted in a less stressful environment for both our father and the Care Givers, as he no longer needs to retrain a new worker each and every day on how to move him. In addition, our father can have a shower as often as he wants, and is no longer limited to just one per week, which just was not enough. In addition, moving to the Self / Family Managed Home Care program, has enabled our family to develop meaningful relationships with the Care Givers that serve our family.

Unlike other companies that may send new workers each day, our goal is to pair you with the same staff so you know exactly what to expect. Success between our caregivers and clients can frequently be influenced by the presence or absence of compatibility between the participants and we do not leave that factor to chance. Partners for Home leverages Insights Discovery, a world-class psychometric methodology which highlights an individual’s own strengths and weaknesses, communication style, approach to problems and value to a team. Insights Discovery is built to help people understand themselves, understand others and make the most of relationships that affect them.  This system has high value to our Clients and to all our Home Care Partners.

Our journey starts by assessing how much help you need with personal care activities like showering, toileting, eating, grooming, and other activities that are necessary for daily success. Our staff can help to complete all of these in a timely manner with regard to your safety and physical comfort.

We can also offer Home Management support.  This could include light cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, and other tasks you have difficulty completing on your own. It will help to make your house a safer environment for you to live in day after day.

Perhaps the most appealing part for our clients is our dedication to maintaining social supports. We make every attempt to maximize our client’s opportunities for recreation and social interaction with friends and family members. These relationships are a huge part of leading a fulfilling life, and we aim to help you to do just that. When appropriate, we can also help you to manage technology that aids in social connections as well.

For family members who have been the primary caregiver, Partners for Home can allow you to take a step back from your responsibilities. We know how exhausted you can become after doing these arduous tasks on a daily basis. Family support and respite care give you an opportunity to take a break from the routine while still trusting that your loved one is well taken care of.

Partners for Home is dedicated to helping you or your loved one remain at home with the addition of necessary services. Our goal is to provide the assistance you need to continue with as much independence, dignity, preferences, and privacy as possible from the security of your own home.

Find out exactly what our company can do for you. Set up a no-cost and no-commitment meeting from the comfort of your own home to start discussing your customizable plan with Partners for Home today.