nursing home vs private home care

As the time arrives to decide how to assist an elderly family member through those difficult periods when they are not physically able to take care of themselves, the choice may be a challenging one. How will you know what is right for the elderly individual in your life? In understanding the drawbacks and benefits of both nursing homes and home care, it is possible to make a smarter decision.

Nursing Home

Ultimately, the time arrives in many elderly peoples’ lives when they just are not able to care for themselves any longer. As that day arrives, it is time to begin to consider a nursing home.


  • A nursing home removes a person’s independence and might make your family member “feel” old. But, if your family member can no longer be trusted or stay safe with their own independence, the nursing home might be their best bet.
  • A nursing home requires a transition time before feeling like “home,” which may be challenging for some seniors. They may be loud and feel unfamiliar for a while.
  • Oftentimes, nursing home care is extremely expensive, particularly for quality institutions.


  • Typically, nursing homes are staffed with a number of medical professionals. Those professionals may care for your family member 24/7. They may perform non-medical and medical functions.
  • Nursing homes may be secure, for elderly people who have dementia or Alzheimer’s who may be susceptible to wandering.

Home Care

This one is a more private choice which permits your family member to stay in their own house. It’s oftentimes less disruptive for people who have dementia or Alzheimer’s, making it the first option for several families. Before you decide in favor of trustful private home care, there are many things you will want to consider.


  • Who you hire for your in-home care matters! Employing an experienced nurse or additional medical professional might be needed if more than basic aid is required. Partners for Home provides high-quality caregivers you can trust, which makes this decision a bit easier.
  • Homes might not be as secure as a medical care facility, which has staff and security available around-the-clock.


  • Home care permits for a more one-on-one, personal relationship with a caregiver.
  • It is familiar and comfortable.
  • Seniors have the ability to stay as independent as they’re able, instead of having to turn over fundamental tasks to nursing home pros.
  • In-home care often is less expensive than care out of the house.

At Partners for Home, we help our clientele maximize and experience their social activities. Such activities offer our clientele recreation, enjoyment, and the capability of staying connected with family, friends, and social network. Our staff may assist in facilitating clients to become more independent like having the ability to use everyday technology.

At Partners for Home we’re always prepared to aid seniors and their family members by offering professional services and advice. As you give consideration to which option is the right one for you and your family, feel free to get in touch with Partners for Home for more details concerning in-home care.