Now, we don’t want to get to technical or start throwing a bunch of large medical terms around that most people don’t know unless they are a doctor or actually know someone who personally suffers from that particular medical issue. We want to keep this as simple as we possibly can and explain this in as simplest terms that we can.

types of disabilities

Types Of Disabilities

There are technically two types or recorded disabilities that someone can suffer from and some will even suffer from both. These two types are boiled down to physical disability and mental disability.

Now, a physical disability is just like the name states. This is some sort of physical impairment to the body. Most of these medical issues are difficult to live with but they are usually completely manageable.

Some of these types of physical disabilities include but are not limited to

– Cerebral Palsy

– Muscular Dystrophy

– Huntingtons

– Munchausen’s

– Lupus

– Birth Defects

– Or even Spinal Cord Injuries

Of course there are more types of physical impairments but these are just a few of the more commonly known things that you or your loved ones might deal with.

Types Of Mental Disabilities

Having a physical disability, even though they may still be a challenge to live with, is sometimes it is easier to diagnose a physical disability than it is to diagnose a mental one. Learn how Living with disabilities in Winnipeg can still be done. When it comes to physical disabilities you are able to see what the person is going through. But with a mental issue there is no way to actually see what is going on in the person’s head.  

There are many different types of mental impairments that a person might go through.

– Anxiety is not typically seen as a mental disorder but it can definitely be something that can interfere with someone’s day to day life. One thing that people with anxiety will do is have a pet that will help calm their anxiety or start taking medication to help calm anxiety attacks.

– Another mental disability that people suffer from is depression or bipolar disorder. These are considered mood disorders and can be a little harder to manage than anxiety.

– The next set of disorders are typically formed at birth. These disorders are things like downs syndrome and autism spectrum disorder. These types are typically seen and diagnosed at birth or at a very early age.  

What Is Disability Benefits

Most people know that physical disabilities have benefits that you can receive from the government. There are many programs that people can join and even groups that help with support that they many need.

Not a lot of people know that mental disabilities also come with many benefits that you can receive from the government. Even people with disorders like autism and downs syndrome can now live on their own when they get to be of age. Some are even awarded to receive help from caregivers during the day.

types of mental disabilities

Now That You Know What A Disability Is

Now that you know just what a disability is and what they can receive to live happier and healthier lives, you are well on your way to knowing what you can do for you or your loved one who has a disability.