Have you ever felt guilty? You know, that feeling of “I shouldn’t have done that. I know I could’ve done better. There must be another way.” Yes, you know the feeling. Whether you did something you regretted consciously or unconsciously, somehow those pangs of guilt hit us like a wrecking ball (thanks a lot Miley). Now before we get all depressed and gloomy and start having a bad day, let me explain where I’m going with this.

a great place to live in


Winnipeg, or basically anywhere in Manitoba, is a great place to live in. Great economic growth, awesome educational system, and of course, universal health care. People are undoubtedly living an almost-perfect life in Winnipeg. There are complaints, of course, like not enough Manitoba home care program; but they pale in comparison to the blessings they receive.

So from the time a baby is born in a free medical institution, grow up in a probably-free grade school to high school academe, work for a booming company, and then retire with a great plan thinking where and how you’ll be spending your next decade, it’s all good.

“So, when am I supposed to get depressed here?”

Well, did you notice that I only got to the retirement season? What about the post-post-retirement time of your life? Yes, that’s no typo. I’m talking about when you get to late 70’s and higher, are you ready for that?


Home Care

Did you even stop and think about your future, yup, that kind of future? The future that we are not really looking forward to? The time when we can’t be as outgoing and as active as we like; or that season in life when we need to really depend on someone else for our everyday needs. Don’t get me wrong, that moment in your life when you need someone to wipe your butt after you’ve taken a crap (disgusting right), we don’t particularly plan for that. Because why should we? That’s a long time away.

Let me give you another scenario. What if someone that you love is closing in on that season? What if they are not looking forward to that time but you know, and they as well, that it’s very very close to being a reality now? Would you be thinking hard about it then?



Partners For Home is one of Winnipeg’s premier home care companies. They are well-versed in the Manitoba home care program guidelines and don’t be fooled by the corporate look and feel, they know how to take care of those who need it.

Your family need all the care that they deserve, and how much more reassuring and comforting it is to have that care given to them inside the safety of their very own homes. And the best thing is you can visit them and not feel like you confined them to a hospital and left them there.

have that care given to them

Call now

Today is the day to really show that you care for your family. Call Partners For Home at partnersforhome.ca and schedule a free visit to know what your options are. You might not need it for yourself but I’m pretty sure you’re going to. And why not do it for your family? Because with the care that they provide, I am sure that “feeling guilty” won’t be a part of your vocabulary any time soon.