Living with a family member with a physical or mental disability is not easy. You have to bare all the activities that your patient could no longer do. You will be their body, their hands, their ears, eyes and so on. You are their extension. Without anyone’s help, they could not survive on their own. At the very least, they need extra help, and only you can provide that.

However, this kind of responsibility challenges our patience. People with disability (PWD) have their special needs. If we can’t provide that, they too could get frustrated and they won’t understand themselves even more. And, that would result in a serious medical problem. A better home health care can provide the care that you could miss.

People with disability (PWD) have their special needs


We too, need to understand their needs


Whether we are the direct family member or the caregiver of the patient, we must know the basic needs of PWD. This will help us lessen our burden and at the same time, you are helping the patient in many ways.

A person with a disability needs extra care and attention. However, not all person with a disability has to be treated the same, because of different categorization of PWD. A deaf person has its own needs, a blind person, a physically injured, a mentally incapacitated, intellectual disability, among others have their own needs and attention.

But, don’t treat them like they don’t belong in this society. You provide their special needs, and at the same time treat those like you treat another healthy person.


How to provide better service with PWDs


The most important character that we should develop is patience. It gives us more strength to continue extending our help. The optimism and the willingness will come next and will help you to lengthen your service.

Always be nice to your patient. Avoid showing them that you are tired. Smile, and keep in your mind that these PWDs are just people. They too have feelings, and the more that you show them what they aren’t capable of, the more they belittle themselves. And, that would end up with depression.

Ask the PWD what they need. Sometimes, they can’t express themselves clearly, so if you have doubts, ask them again, politely. Don’t do anything without asking the PWD.

patient is incapable of walking

You can always ask for a professional help


There are moments that our time attending the needs of PWDs are not enough, especially if the patient is incapable of walking. Who would take care of them, if you are at work? It is the dilemma that most families feel when one of the family members is PWD.

If you can’t do it anymore, you can always hire someone from the Partners for Home. Their service to PWDs is exceptional. They can provide home health care, which is more effective than caregivers who are only spending 20 to 30 minutes a day for the patient. Partners for Home will give you someone that will spend 5 hours a day for the patient. This longer home health care is effective in providing better service.

Call Partners for Home now so that we can provide the assistance you need. We have experienced watching for a PWD patient, and we know that extra care and attention is important. We will provide the best home health care that you need.