The reasons you might be looking into home care services are varied, but the results are the same; you need help doing daily activities. That might mean help with groceries and meal-prep, it might mean help showering, eating and moving around. You might need help for a short period of time while you recover from an illness, or you might need help over a long period of time. No matter why you’re here, we’re here to help. We’ve helped people recuperating from illness, people with disabilities, people with mental health concerns, children and seniors.

There are a wide variety of services provided by the WRHA to help with home care of all kinds; one of the services provided is Self and Family Managed Home Care. With this type of home care, you can hire your own staff in order to support yourself or your loved one. The trick about hiring your own staff is that you then become their employer, which means you have to do a lot of legwork. You’ll need to register with the CRA, Employment Insurance, the Canada Pension Plan and Workers Comp, and you may need to complete training for the employees. You’ll also need to find the employees in the first place, which can be an arduous task.

That’s why it can be to your advantage to hire a personal care agency like ours. We handle all of the bureaucratic elements; the hiring, the training, the payroll and pensions, and everything in between. That means you’ll get highly qualified, well trained home care professionals taking care of you or your loved one; our services are available through the self and family managed care programs, so the WRHA will send you funds if you qualify.

Our home care service goes above and beyond what you might expect. One of the unique elements of our service is the use of the Insights Discovery program, a psychographic profile that highlights strengths, weaknesses and communication styles. We use this in order to better understand our staff; great home care is a great many things, but one of the most important is connection. We want our staff to truly connect with those that they are caring for, and the Insights program helps us create meaningful relationships.

The advantages of in home care have become more evident as our society progresses. There are huge advantages for the individuals receiving the care; instead of being moved into a facility they don’t recognize full of people they don’t know, they can reside in their sanctuary, their home; this can have pretty drastic positive effects, and can make it easier for friends and family to visit. The other advantage is a vast social good; instead of creating new facilities for people who have trouble with activities of daily living to live in, we leverage the infrastructure that already exists in order to take care of the people we love.