Having a surgery, at any stage of life, is not a pleasant experience. The anesthetic used to conduct the surgery, the painkillers and other medications after the surgery, the reconstruction or removal of the affected body part; all in all, surgeries are not fun. They are, however, essential in treating a lot of medical problems, and our society would be nowhere near as healthy as it is without surgery. The technological advances that have been made in surgery are mind-boggling, with robotics, lasers and radiology all frequently used to improve care. Equally impressive is our greater understanding of the importance of holistic care and aftercare in expediting and ameliorating recovery; we can help you heal after a surgery.

Partners for Home is a recognized home care service with years of expertise in helping people recover from surgery. We provide a large number of services to our clients to allow them to live in their own homes as they recover. We tailor our service to your specific needs; possible resources include light housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, medication reminders, and help with dressing, grooming, eating, and bathing. These household tasks you might typically tackle on your own can become difficult after a surgery, and we will assist you during the transition back to full health.

The psychological benefits of such services are difficult to quantify; as many of our clients agree, there’s no place like home, and living in your own four walls while you recover can increase the speed and quality of your recovery. Living at home means you may be less prone to catching infection from other hospitalized individuals. Furthermore, you are the master in your own home, so you can have visitors more easily than if you were still hospitalized. You may not want to burden your family overmuch with your care; we can assist with that by handling most of the tasks you would have to ask them to complete. The focus on customizable services means we’ll do everything you need us to, and nothing you don’t want us to.

The limits of a hospital can be taxing; you may not be able to shower or eat when you want to, and you certainly have far less access to creature comforts than you might at home. Living at home alleviates these concerns; you’ll be able to set your own hours for care, and your team will be ready and willing to adjust their schedule as your recovery progresses. This means you are more involved in the decision-making process of your care; we consider ourselves a team, with you as team captain. The ability to take part in your own recovery process, as well as to determine the hours and type of care that you get, can be invaluable during the recuperation process. With experienced service providers who are kind, considerate and well-trained, we’re ready to help you get through this difficult time to the brighter shores that await ahead.